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Shenzhen Ankuaiyun Logistics Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Ankuaiyun Logistics) is a medium-sized logistics enterprise with independent legal personality approved by the Municipal Transportation Commission and registered in industry and commerce and taxation. After several years of development, the company now has large and medium , Many small vehicles, more than 1,000 square meters of delivery and delivery site, more than 5,600 square meters of dedicated cargo storage warehouse, for factories, enterprises, shopping malls 24 hours: domestic logistics, international logistics, warehousing, customs declaration, distribution and other comprehensive logistics services.

Main business scope

Basic logistics services: Provide customers with basic logistics services such as domestic logistics, international shipping, air transportation, land transportation, warehousing, storage yard, import customs clearance, customs declaration, bonded logistics services, financial logistics services, etc.;

Integrated logistics services: Relying on the comprehensive ability of fast transmission, provide customers with export international logistics services, domestic logistics services, import international logistics services and other characteristic logistics services, aiming to provide customers with integrated service solutions and supply chain management solutions;

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