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Modern warehouse leasing/distribution integrated services provide companies with economic benefits and service benefits by providing inventory storage, shipment integration, distribution, pre-sales support, after-sales service, etc., and provide rapid response and timely supply capabilities for all links of the company's supply chain , Reduce the management difficulty of the non-core departments of the enterprise and unnecessary intermediate links, and enhance the efficiency of enterprise material flow with professional services.

Our company has been engaged in urban distribution business for many years, with extremely rich operating experience, flexible distribution time limit, and diverse supporting services. In addition to providing traditional warehousing/distribution services to fixed suppliers, we will also provide returns, return to warehouse, and return of receipts according to customer needs. Value-added services.

In response to the supplier’s storage requirements for supermarket goods, the company has independently developed a corresponding warehouse management system to provide suppliers with management requirements including production date, batch number, and repackaging of goods, and through the system inquiries or The daily report form is provided to the corresponding management department of the supplier to provide convenient, fast and clear technical support for timely grasping and understanding the dynamics of inventory goods.

At present, the company is equipped with more than 100 special delivery vehicles, providing a strong choice for suppliers who need Shenzhen supermarket delivery business. The large supermarkets provided by Huaqiang Logistics mainly include Wal-Mart, Gome, Shirbao Department Store, Renrenle, Tianhong and other general warehouses and their branches. Not only that, our company can also directly carry out "home delivery" to end users, thus realizing the real One-stop home delivery service.

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