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Size requirements:

1) Any side is not less than 15mm

2) The package size is not less than 102*75*15mm

3) No more than 610mm on any side

4) The volume does not exceed 0.046CBM

Maximum weight:

1) Volume weight calculation formula = length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm)/6000.

2) Light throw ratio calculation formula = the value obtained by dividing the volume weight by the actual weight (the minimum size of the package is not mandatory, and it is recommended that the size of the package be 15*10 cm or more)

Value-added tax and duties:

This program is a DDP product, and currently only supports duty-free goods with a declared value of 15 pounds or less, please do not send goods with a declared value of more than 15 pounds.

Destination range:

Coverage covers the British mainland, including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the four remote islands of Isles of Man, Guerusey, Jersey and Scily, as noted above.

Claim service:

For packages that are confirmed to be lost, compensation can be made according to the following standards:

1. Compensation is based on the declared value of the package, no freight is refunded, and the maximum is not more than 200 yuan;

2. The compensation does not include the intangible value and added value of any information carried by the package itself;

3. When making a claim, the consignee's claim and refund information must be provided

Prohibited goods:

Infringing products (imitation goods), medicines, powders, liquids, pure batteries, dangerous goods (such as knives, inflammable and explosive materials), tobacco and alcohol, cash and securities, sensitive goods (including goods that are prohibited from importing locally), etc.

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