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LTL (30-500kg) transportation is the main product of An Express since its establishment, serving all customers who need logistics transportation. Over the years, through the continuous improvement of safety and express management capabilities, the use of the Internet and the Internet of Things technology, the technology and visualization of LTL transportation have also been continuously strengthened. According to customer needs, we can provide customers with delivery, arrival, transfer and delivery. Value-added services (see the description of the website [value-added services] for details). At the same time, An Express continues to improve its transportation network, and its LTL transportation capacity continues to improve with the increase in outlets, which can meet the basic needs of customers for modern logistics transportation.


1. Economical and affordable, providing customers with standard LTL transportation services at a transparent and reasonable price

2. Safe, accurate and convenient transportation

3. Wide network coverage, with more than 2,200 outlets nationwide providing support for cargo transportation

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