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Product introduction:

Shipments are available at the six major ports across the country, with global combined transportation by sea, land and air, and a one-stop transportation solution based on customer needs

Product Category:

1. International shipping:

Professional sea freight FCL, sea freight LCL and sea freight bulk cargo services, refined cargo handling and stowage, providing booking, picking up, warehousing, trailers, customs declaration and inspection, packing, order preparation, overseas customs clearance, on-site delivery, etc. Basic services and many value-added services such as branding, cargo reinforcement, insurance, etc., with high frequency routes and wide coverage.

2. International air transport:

Provide a full range of air transport logistics solutions, including direct flights, transit, sea-air combined transport, charter flights, etc., connecting with major domestic and foreign airports, can meet various transportation needs such as door-to-port and door-to-door, and even agent booking and warehousing , Customs, ground operations and other services.

3. International Motor Transport:

The route connects to major countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, and has many special lines such as China-ASEAN and China-Central Asia. Customs clearance is convenient, safe and reliable.

4. International Railway:

Integrate international railway FCL and LCL business resources, select popular routes such as Rongou, Yixinou, Zhengxinou, etc., which can reach major European cities such as Hamburg, Duisburg, Munich, Warsaw, Rotterdam, Milan, Antwerp, etc. Timeliness guarantee , Safe and fast.


★Door pick-up and delivery nationwide

★Network access to major global economies

★Abundant transportation resources

★The price is transparent and competitive

★Real-time tracking of goods in transit

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