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Corporate Vision: To be the most trusted and preferred logistics company for everyone

Corporate mission: to help everyone to reach the destination safely, quickly and quickly

Core values: Love logistics service work, and ensure goods: safe, fast, punctual, and delivered.

Business philosophy: market demand as the guide, customer service as the center

Management philosophy: clear goals, lead by example, continuous improvement, pursuit of excellence

Talent concept: people-oriented, treat each other sincerely, respect individuals, encourage individuals and teams

Team concept: unity and mutual assistance, pragmatic and innovative, proactive, striving for the first

Service concept: respect customers, attitude first, listen attentively, timely feedback and reply

Service tenet: professional, responsible, caring, 24/7 service

Quality Policy: Comply with national laws, regulations and the management system of An Express Company

                 Provide customers with safe, fast, punctual, and delivery services

                 Prevent accidents, control risks, improve and optimize, and pursue excellence

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  • Cell phone:0755-28952752
  • Address:Ankuaiyun Building, No. 3 Wenkeng Road, Nanwan Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
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