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Logistics industry: mining logistics real gold from the five main investment lines

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The logistics revitalization plan is a long-term benefit to the logistics industry. The logistics revitalization plan will promote the long-term development of the industry, and listed companies in the logistics industry will have huge room for growth. At the same time, the development of the logistics industry must rely on the development of other industries, and it is also an important carrier for these industries to connect with domestic and foreign markets. Therefore, those listed companies that provide support to the logistics industry can also use planning to obtain development opportunities. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the beneficiary companies in the industry, but also to the derivative effects of planning, and to find companies in other industries that may achieve breakthroughs through planning.

my country's logistics industry is facing industrial upgrading. We expect the growth rate of my country's total social logistics in 2009-2010 to be more than 15%. In 2008, my country's logistics costs accounted for 18.1% of GDP, far higher than the level of developed countries. This shows that the overall efficiency of my country's logistics industry is not high. Therefore, my country's logistics industry is facing a historical opportunity for industrial upgrading. The logistics industry should quickly improve management and reduce operating costs to improve the operating quality of the national economy and promote the fundamental transformation of economic growth.

The logistics revitalization plan will lead to five major investment lines. The core of the plan is to establish a modern logistics industry. The plan proposed four aspects and identified nine major projects. Combining the specific content of the plan and the business focus of listed companies, we believe that the plan will lead to five major investment lines: resource integration, logistics outsourcing, professional logistics, logistics parks and information construction.

Mining real gold in logistics from the five major investment lines. Based on these five major investment lines, we have unearthed listed companies that will benefit the most from the planning. These companies represent the development direction of the logistics industry, have modern logistics business models, and have greater potential for growth. We believe that they will be expected to develop into large-scale logistics enterprises with international competitiveness.

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